Exploring Three Modern Attack Vectors: Insiders, Industrialized And Apts presented at OWASP AppSec Brasil 2010

by Brian Contos (McAfee),

Tags: Exploitation

URL : http://www.owasp.org/index.php/AppSec_Brasil_2010#tab=Schedule

Summary : Attacks are coming from all angles. In some cases they are very rudimentary; in others they are highly complex. Organizations must be able to protect themselves regardless, and do so in a way this is in parity with business operations, maintains employee and partner agility, and is manageable without the complexity of the solution being worse than the attack itself.

Failure to address these three different attack types can result in everything from diminished brand loyalty, regulatory penalties, and lost revenue, to stolen intellectual property, economic competitive disadvantage, and military competitive disadvantage. Based on research from McAfee Labs and customer interactions across the globe in the public and private sector, there is much information that can be shared about these attackers and their strategies.

Attendees will leave the presentation more knowledgeable about insider threats, industrialized hacking, and APTs. They will have a strong grasp of the attacker motives and understand their attack vectors. The audience will also be exposed to several non-vender, non-product specific countermeasures that they can leverage within their own organizations.