Lockpicking 101 presented at hashdays 2010

by Walter Belgers (Madison Gurkha),

Tags: Hardware Reverse Engineering

URL : https://www.hashdays.ch/schedule-2010.html

Summary : Lockpicking has become very popular since information can be easily shared on the Internet and tools can be easily bought. Although lockpicking has a steep learning curve, once mastered, almost any lock that is not a high-security lock can be opened with a little determination. In the 'lockpicking 101' talk, we will look at why exactly lockpicking is possible in the first place, and how to do it. The focus will be on standard locks, but also different types of locks will be discussed, such as wafer locks, safe locks, lever locks and more. Apart from using standard pick tools, there is also key duplication, impressioning, bumping and the use of pick guns. These will be explained as well. After the talk, you will understand how lockpicking works and able to open a simple lock. You will also see why manufacturers do not strive to make the lock as secure as possible.

Walter Belgers: Walter Belgers got his M.Sc. in computing science in 1994 and has worked in the IT security field ever since. Currently, he is co-owner of Madison Gurkha where he performs security audits. For over 15 years, he has been lockpicking as a hobby. He founded the Eindhoven chapter of TOOOL - the Open Organisation of Lockpickers, which is a group of lockpicking enthousiast in the Netherlands. He has won several lockpicking competitions and regularly lectures on the subject. Although Walter's life revolves around security, he also tries to find time for sailing and drifting in an old BMW car