Tcp Sorcery presented at ZaCon 1

by Barry Irwin (Rhodes University),

Tags: Security Infrastructure Network Penetration


Barry Irwin: Barry Irwin (bvi), cut his teath on IP before the net went commercial and vaxes still roamed the ether. He has been called a *nix greybeard ( despite the fact he still has no grey hairs). In a past life, he worked as a global firewall admin and network engineer, and currently herds cats^W^W erm grad students at Rhodes University in the wilds of the Eastern Cape where he heads up the Security and Networks Research Group. The last few years his gaze has been directed on topic and application of network telescopes. He is a zealous believer in the fact that packets dont lie people (and by extension applications) do, and goes about his days without owning a Mac. He prefers using operating systems that have Horns.