Defend Yourself: Integrating Real Time Defenses Into Online Applications presented at OWASP Appsec 2009

by Michael Coates (Aspect Security),

Tags: Exploitation


Summary : Ask any attacker how many attempts it takes them to successfully exploit a vulnerability - two attempts, three, five? In general, an attacker requires several attempts before they can devise a successful exploit. And that is only after they've probed the site to find the vulnerable areas in the first place. Most applications are missing a critical opportunity, the attacker has made their presence known while probing for the vulnerability. Take defensive action and shut down the offending account! This presentation will continue the discussion on AppSensor, a strategy for implementing automatic attack detection and real time response to eliminate the threat of an attacker. During this presentation we will explore a new online application which implements AppSensor. The concepts discussed in this presentation can be immediately integrated into enterprise applications looking to bolster their security posture against determined attackers. We will see that the required changes have a minimal impact on the architecture of the application and require only a small amount of code change. However, there are immense benefits to detecting malicious attackers before they are successful.