Deploying Secure Web Applications With Owasp Resources presented at OWASP Appsec 2009

by Sebastien Deleersnyder (Telindus - Belgacom ICT), Fabio E Cerullo (AIB Bank (DUBLIN)),

Tags: Security Community Development


Summary : Universities are key to making application security visible and the need to educate software developers about application security as an aspect of proper software development has never been more important. In this presentation I will share how OWASP resources can be used by universities to develop, test and deploy secure web applications. I will discuss challenges that Universities currently face integrating a pplication security best practices, describe how OWASP tools and resources are currently used at New York University to test for most common web application flaws. I will introduce projects such as the OWASP Enterprise Security API which can be used to mitigate most common flaws in web applications and share initiatives the OWASP Global Education Committee is currently working on. If you are interested in securing web applications, and supporting the OWASP Global Education Committee efforts you don't want to miss this!

Sebastien Deleersnyder: Sebastien Deleersnyder, Lead Application Security, Telindus - Belgacom ICT Sebastien started the successful Belgian OWASP Chapter and performed several public presentations on web application and web services security. Sebastien specialises in (web) application security, combining his software development and information security experience. He is currently OWASP Foundation board member and responsible for the Telindus application security offering.