Techniques In Attacking And Defending Xml/Web Services presented at OWASP Appsec 2009

by Phil Dunkelberger (Crosscheck Networks ),

Tags: Security Others


Phil Dunkelberger: Jason Macy is the CTO at Jason Macy responsible for implementation and product strategy of the SOA Web Services based technologies. As co-founder of Crosscheck Networks, Jason has pioneered the field of web service testing and simulation with over 40,000 product installation worldwide. Jason also serves as VP Engineering for the wholly-owned subsidiary Forum Systems where he continues to be responsible for the software development lifecycle of the industry's only patented FIPS certified hardware security gateway for SOA web services. Before moving into the XML web services realm, Jason worked as the lead architect for Raytheon responsible for testing and successful commissioning of the Air Traffic Control system at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland. Jason holds dual-degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering.