Webappsec.Php: Developing Secure Web Applications presented at OWASP Appsec 2010


URL : http://www.owasp.org/index.php/WebAppSec.php:_Developing_Secure_Web_Applications

Summary : Web applications are the new frontier of wide?spread security breaches. This tutorial will guide through development practices to ensure the security and integrity of web applications, in turn protecting user data and the infrastructure the application runs on. Several attack types and risks will be reviewed (including OWASP’s Top 10), along with how the proper development practices can mitigate their damage. Although examples covered are PHP?based, much of the content is also applicable to other languages.

This will be an updated, encore presentation of last year’s well received course. Following are quotes from prior WebAppSec.php attendees:

"Presented in a very structured format. Instructor knew his stuff. Good presentations."

"Very knowledgeable! Covered a lot of topics in a limited amount of time"

"The presenter was excellent. He didn't present an overload of information. The day went very quickly and I am leaving with a lot of valuable information"

"The slides were excellent - full of good code examples and explanations"

"Material that was presented was presented and covered well. Instructor is very knowledgeable"

"Handouts & presentation well organized & coordinated"

All course registrants will receive printed materials and a certificate of completion which may be used for documenting CPE credits.