Avoiding The Mis-Management Of Patch Management Bof presented at ShmooCon 2005

by Tina Bird (InfoExpress),

Tags: Business Security

URL : http://web.archive.org/web/20050404000611/www.shmoocon.org/program.html

Summary : Patch-management: it is one of our latest and greatest challenges and could quite possibly be the keystone to keeping our systems simply working, let alone relatively free from the kids that need extra space for their MP3s. What are we talking about? What AREN'T we talking about?! Pros and cons of the most popular patch-management solutions on the market. Tips and tricks culled from the last year of one of the newest and most needed mailing lists on the planet at patchmanagement.org. Challenges. Success stories. Miserable failures. Emerging technology to manage patching and emerging technology that needs to be patched. Come sit down and chat about patch-management--the task we all love to hate, but know damn well needs to get done.

Tina Bird: Security Architect, InfoExpress