Outbound Content Compliance (Build It!) presented at ShmooCon 2006

by Jim Noble,

Tags: Security Compliance

Summary : Outbound Content Compliance is a growing industry within Information Security. This area of control watches traffic and data in networks to scan the content for potential violations of policy. With the increase in visibility of personal data loss, organizations are increasingly coming under fire to tighten their controls, and ensure data privacy to the consumer. Today, several 1st generation products provide the visibility to the "data leakage", providing the ability to modify existing controls to prevent further data loss. 2nd Generation products are on the immediate horizon, promising the ability to leverage the existing Information Security architectures to not only identify content in violation, but to prevent it's release into the "wild".
This presentation will define the scope of the product market, the abilities of the products today, and discuss how they will effect not
only the consumer, but the enterprise end user, the IT employee, and the InfoSec employee. Lastly, a demonstration of one of the products will also be included. This presentation is not meant to be a sales presentation, but an exploration in how outbound content compliance will effect you and your computer experience.