Standard Bodies... What Are These Guys (Drinking)? presented at ShmooCon 2007

by Renderman , Al Potter, Russ Housley,

Tags: Security Panel Development

Summary : This panel discussion is intended to recreate and expand on a conversation originally between RenderMan and Al Potter, which occurred during The Summit, the 2006 EFF fundraiser at DEFCON 14 (2006).
Render, a frequent critic of the fruit of standards body efforts (think IEEE 802.11 et al) and Al, a former member of the IEEE 802.11i working group and an occasional IETF visitor, had a frank and honest discussion centering on what motivates folks (positively and otherwise) in standards bodies, what really goes on in their heads, why standards development takes so long, etc. We intend to expand this conversation by adding Russ Housley, also an IEEE 802.11i member, a long-time participant in numerous IEEE, IETF and other standards efforts, and currently one of he two Security Area Directors in the IETF, and inviting the audience assist Render in posing pointy questions.