Boomstick Fu: The Fundamentals Of Physical Security At Its Most Basic Level presented at ShmooCon 2007

by Deviant Ollam, Noid , Thorn ,

Tags: Security Panel Community

Summary : It seems that at every con nowadays there is at least one talk dedicated to physical security. Our servers and data can be encrypted and passworded with the latest algorithms, but that doesn't do the trick if someone marches them out the door when we're not looking. In the past, many physical security talks have focused on passive defense: locks that resist picking, safes which resist cracking, etc. However, sometimes an intrusion is detected while in progress... and such intrusions - even physical ones - may require immediate countermeasures.
Many of us in the security community own firearms, but few have ever had to use them in a defensive situation. Others have considered gun ownership but lack any experience or foundation in this area. This panel of experts will provide a comprehensive overview of this highly-charged and often-misunderstood topic. Bring any questions you have about hardware, ammunition, tactics, and the law.