When Lawyers Attack! - Dealing With The New Rules Of Electronic Discover presented at ShmooCon 2008

by John ( jur1st ) Benson,

Tags: Security Community Legal Compliance

Summary : The legal community is slowly accepting that the changes to the Federal rules which change the law’s approach to electronic evidence are not going away. Vendors are clamoring to sell their e-discovery "solutions" to law firms and corporations alike, often taking advantage of the uncertainty that comes with such sweeping changes to the law.
The changes to the Federal Rules change the way in which organizations approach their data much in the same way Sarbanes-Oxley has over the past few years. Instead of merely creating compliance headaches for security professionals, however, these changes take data security out of the hands of those charged to protect it and spread data to the wind.
This talk outlines how the electronic discovery process works, why it is costing corporations millions of dollars (but doesn’t have to) and will empower attendees with the knowledge they need to deal with the new legal environment.
Specializing in electronic discovery, John Benson (jur1st) is a consultant at a prestigious midwestern law firm. In addition to the work he does for clients, he is the chairman of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association Computer Law and Technology Committee, adjunct professor at the Colorado Technical University and never ceases to be amazed at the rift that exists between the worlds of law and technology.