Intercepting Mobile Phone/Gsm Traffic presented at ShmooCon 2008

by David Hulton,

Tags: Security Monitoring

Summary : This talk is about GSM security. We will explain the security, technology and protocols of a GSM network. We will further present a solution to build a GSM scanner for $900. The second part of the talk explains a practical solution how to crack a GSM key. Comments: We may possibly present a couple of quick demos of our A5/1 rainbowtable in action which is arguably the largest rainbowtable ever generated (2**58) or passively monitoring GSM using the USRP board if the law permits it.
David Hulton is the Director of Security Applications at Pico Computing, Inc by day and the Chairman of ToorCon by night. He spends most of his work and free time using FPGAs to break many of the different crypto algorithms out there and researching new technologies to pwn your Mom’s computer.