Why Are Databases So Hard To Secure presented at ShmooCon 2008

by Sheeri Kritzer Cabral,

Tags: Security Risk

Summary : In "Why are Databases So Hard To Secure", noted DBA Sheeri Kritzer Cabral discusses how databases compare with other areas of security concerns, including user/web applications, networks and operating systems. She shows the general risks to be concerned about databases, as well as specific exploits for Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite and Postgres databases. This "Break It!" session features many "Fix it!" tips, so the audience not only learns exploits but how to secure against them and assess risk values.
Sheeri Kritzer Cabral has a master’s degree in computer science specializing in databases from Brandeis University and works as a MySQL and Oracle DBA for The Pythian Group. Unstoppable as a volunteer/activist since age 14, Cabral founded and organizes the Boston, Massachusetts, USA, MySQL User Group. She also is the treasurer of Technocation, Inc., a not-for-profit providing resources and educational grants for IT professionals.