Forced Internet Condom presented at ShmooCon 2008

by Aaron Fuentes,

Tags: Security Risk

Summary : In a former life, Aaron Higbee and Jaime Fuentes, served as network abuse administrators for national ISPs and advocated port filtering. Years later they’ve realized that their stance on ISP filtering was completely wrong and is damaging innovation.
This presentation is about our shrinking Internet and the slippery slope that started when the first ISP filtered port 25. The presentation will cover the history of port filtering, the current state of ISP filtering, and emerging trends in ISP traffic tampering. Presenters will show results for some national ISPs and see how they stack up.
Unfortunately security experts have given the bean counters at ISPs the ammunition needed to slowly reduce the Internet to port 80. The presentation will conclude with a plan to call out ISPs to disclose their filtering practices so consumers can have real information before committing to service. It will also highlight some grassroots projects aimed at Internet neutrality advocacy.
Bio - Aaron Higbee
Aaron Higbee is a Managing Partner and co-founder of the Intrepidus Group, a boutique information security consulting company who also developed He has over 10 years of information security experience with reputed companies like Foundstone, Lucent Technologies, and EarthLink. Seven of those years have been in information security consulting. Mr. Higbee speaks regularly about security and network abuse at conferences such as Las Vegas Black Hat, Defcon, and Hack-In-The-Box (HITB).
Bio - Jaime Fuentes
Jaime Fuentes, CISSP, is a Principal Consultant with the Intrepidus Group, specializing in network and application security. He has performed penetration tests and risk assessments for numerous Fortune 500 clients. Prior to joining Intrepidus Group’s professional services team, Jaime served as a Senior Consultant at Foundstone. Previously, he was Senior Security Engineer for Time Warner Cable. In this capacity, he became thoroughly acquainted with the tactics of spammers, hackers, and network abuse trends. Jaime is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has previously held a top secret clearance.