Legal Issues For Bot-Net Researches And Mitigators presented at ShmooCon 2008

by Alexander Muentz,

Tags: Security Legal

Summary : Botnet research, mitigation and the law. Botnets are not only a novel technical problem to be solved. While researchers and security professionals race to understand and counteract each new threat, the law and courts are slow to catch up.
Ironically, laws designed to protect individuals and organizations from computer criminals may ensnare botnet researchers and IT defenders. Could your research network or countermeasures expose you or your organization to criminal or civil liability?
US State and Federal law will be discussed, with an eye to current research and mitigation methods.
Alex Muentz is both an IT professional and a practicing lawyer. A 2006 graduate of Temple University School of Law, he does his best to explain the idiosyncrasies of the law to his fellow geeks and technology to other lawyers.
He occasionally writes and presents about the intersection of law and technology. To make a living, he slaves away in the underbelly of the law, and is trying his hand at teaching undergraduates this year.
When he’s not working or blathering on, he tries to spend time with his wife, motorcycle and cats.