Are Bad Times Good For Security Professionals? presented at ShmooCon 2009

by Mark Mcgovern, Peter Guerra, G. Mark Hardy, Bruce Potter (The Shmoo Group ),

Tags: Security Wireless Web Panel Community Risk Business

Summary : Okay. The economy is in the toilet. Energy markets are volatile. Real estate is a mess, and your 401(k) looks like a 201(k) or 101(k). Is your job next?
Maybe not. Government and businesses keep spending money on security. New products are rolling out, and many security jobs remain hard to fill. IT security spending seems to be holding steady for now. Will we remain recession-proof? This panel discussion will offer government, military, law enforcement, and business insights into the current state of the security marketplace, and where it's headed. They'll discuss their views on what's keeping the market afloat: regulatory pressures, increased threats, poor security technologies, or plain old fear. Bring your questions, your resumes, and your open reqs to what's sure to be an interesting conversation.
G. Mark Hardy, CISSP, CISM, CISA has been providing information security expertise to government, military, and business since 1976, and founded National Security Corporation in 1988. His background includes information security planning and policy development, managing security assessment and penetration teams, breaking commercial encryption codes, and writing risk assessment software. The author of over 100 security presentations and articles, he is a graduate of Northwestern University, and also serves as a Captain in the Navy Reserve.
Mark McGovern leads In-Q-Tel's Digital Identity and Security practice. In-Q-Tel is the strategic investment firm that supports the U.S. Intelligence Community. Mark has extensive experience developing, securing and deploying data systems. Prior to joining In-Q-Tel, Mark was Director of Technology for Cigital Inc. He led Cigital's software security group and supported a Fortune 100 clientele that included Microsoft, MasterCard International, CitiBank, Symantec, Pfizer, the UK National Lottery and the Federal Reserve Banks of Richmond, New York and Boston. Earlier in his career, Mark worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an M.S. in Systems Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
Peter Guerra is currently working as a security consultant to government and commercial organizations. His diverse IT career has focused on cyber crime, malicious code analysis, incident response, web applications, and airplane messaging. He is currently getting his MBA and studying the relationship between economics and information security as related to cyber crime. He can be reached at
Bruce Potter ( is the founder of The Shmoo Group of security professionals, a group dedicated to working with the community on security, privacy, and crypto issues. His areas of expertise include wireless security, software assurance, and advanced IT defense techniques. Mr. Potter has co-authored several books and is a regular speaker at security conferences. Mr. Potter was trained in computer science at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and is currently the CTO of Ponte Technologies.