Next Generation Wireless Recon, Visualizing The Airwaves presented at ShmooCon 2009

by Joshua Smith,

Tags: Security Wireless

Summary : Slides
Harnessing the power of both current solutions and some fancy work in Perl VS. Python, we have created two new methods that allow you to visualize the information from wireless networks and their relationships. This enables us to map wireless APs and represent the data in flexible and unique ways, full of informational goodness. The next generation of wireless recon looks pretty sweet!
Mr. Joshua D. Abraham joined Rapid7 in 2006 as a Security Consultant. Josh has extensive IT Security and Auditing experience and worked as an enterprise risk assessment analyst for Hasbro Corporation. Josh specializes in penetration testing, web application security assessments, wireless security assessments, and custom code development. In the past, he has spoken at LinuxWorld, Comdex and the Boston Linux User Group. In his spare time, he contributes code to open source security projects such as the BackTrack LiveCD, Nikto, Fierce, and PBNJ.
Ben Smith aka "TheX1le" and computer nerd extroidinare. Officially, A self taught network engineer and computer consultant. In his free time, he works on wireless research and client exploits.