Off The Shelf Security - Meeting Crime With An Open Source Mind presented at ShmooCon 2009

by Nick Waite, Burke Cates, Stephen Janansky,

Tags: Security Community

Summary : Slides
In the process of designing sensors to assist in the automated response to violent crimes, a robust multipurpose sensor platform using off-the-shelf hardware was developed. Although not at a final production state (as with most open source projects) the group hopes to open source it to the community at Shmoocon. This talk will detail the system (known fondly as "The System"), the design (hardware and software), the use of other open source projects (OpenWRT etc), and the properties that will make it beneficial to all.
"The System" can be described as a sensor platform that integrates off the shelf hardware to provide 802.11, USB, and Zigbee capabilities among other things while also allowing for modular sensors to be added. Most importantly it has been designed to be low cost by using mostly off-the-shelf products. While the application we will be investigating is that of security, the system can be used in a variety of ways. Of course keeping with the spirit of the community, the more mischievous uses will be demoed also. The goal of this talk is to encourage the community to take a fresh look into hardware while releasing a very useful tool to help them springboard into it.
Nick Waite has been flitting about the edges of academia for years while managing to avoid graduation. During his tenure he has done analog IC design, microcontroller system design, and pcb design projects in support of military, solar, agricultural, and other Important Projects. His interests and hobbies include DIY and low-tech engineering, organic chemistry, genetic algorithms, linguistics, finance, biofeedback, outdoor survival, peace, love, and freedom. He hopes to someday find harmony between machines and nature. Make sure to ask him about Korea!
Burke Cates is a Junior CISC major at UD. He is prone to sudden obsession with obscure computing topics, such as FPGAs, Ruby, and the Cell Processor. Although a knowledgeable programer, Burke has been caught numerous times dabbling and experimenting with hardware. Burke is also known to be a closet audiophile and in his spare time enjoys Stumbling way too much (No seriously, you should see his stats...).
Stephen 'afterburn' Janansky is a Junior CPEG major at UD. He can usually be found getting fellow students involved in various engineering activities/clubs/groups, killing routers and other electronics by the dozens (then asking Nick to resurrect them), and making fun of people who use distros besides Gentoo. He is a member of CVORG, dreams of hardware security, and is one of the most ADD aspiring engineers you will ever meet.
Alex 'honcho' Lindley, Robert 'rob3ar' Rehrig, Josh 'Grungy' Marks, Mike 'surfingcat' Natrin, Rob 'jazzman' Haislip, and Lawrence 'Cuddles' Aiello make up the rest of The Circuit Breakers. The Circuit Breakers is a hacker-space run by Dr. Kiamilev at the University of Delaware. The group figured they would let the other three make fools of themselves and let everyone else just read about them and their work on their site: