Radio Reconnaissance In Penetration Testing - All Your Rf Are Belong To Us presented at ShmooCon 2009

by Matthew Neely,

Tags: Security Testing

Summary : Tired of boring old pentests where the only wireless traffic you see if 802.11 and maybe a little Bluetooth? With this amazing new invention, the radio, your eavesdropping options can be multiplied! Come to this talk to learn techniques for discovering, monitoring and exploiting a wide array of radio traffic with real world examples illustrating how these techniques have been used to gather information on a target's physical security, personnel and standard operating procedures.
Matt Neely is the Profiling Team Manager at SecureState, a Cleveland Ohio based security consulting company. At SecureState Matt and his team perform traditional penetration tests, physical penetration tests, web application security reviews and wireless security assessments. His research interests include the convergence of physical and logical security, cryptography and all things wireless. Matt is also a host on the Security Justice podcast.