Physical Locks By Toool presented at BruCON 2009

by Toool ,

Tags: Workshops


Summary : The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL) was founded in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, we have groups in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and the USA as well. We regularly meet to practice lockpicking and discuss techniques used in locks. Every year, championships are being held in lockpicking, safe lock manipulation and impressioning.

Our knowledge about locks is also used to inform the general audience. This helps them in making informed decisions when buying locks. Also, we strive to have open communication with the lock industry and help them eliminate weaknesses in locks before they hit the market.

Toool will give a presentation and demonstration about the weaknesses and strengths of common locks. This will help visitors choose better and more secure locks for their homes or enterprises.

Toool was featured in a Dutch television program "Nova" (link) where they warned about the dangers of bump keys. If you want to know how to mitigate this technique, come and visit us at Brucon.