Rage Against The Kiosk presented at BruCON 2009

by Paul Craig (security-assesment.com),

Tags: Security Others Exploitation

URL : http://2009.brucon.org/articles/p/r/e/Presentations.html#Rage_Against_The_Kiosk

Summary : My name is Paul Craig, and I am the self proclaimed "King of Kiosk Hacking".

Last year at Defcon 16, I released iKAT v1.0 (The Interactive Kiosk Attack Tool). iKAT is an online tool designed to allow users to hack an internet Windows Kiosk terminal, in less than one minute.

Thousands of Kiosks worldwide have accessed iKAT and witnessed its Kiosk hacking power.

Kiosk vendors ran for cover after the Defcon release, fixing their software and explicitly blocking iKAT and my techniques. The year is now 2009, and I have spent my spare time playing with more Kiosks. With even more success than ever before!

iKAT v2.0 is now ready to be released, with more oh-day, more tools and more tricks, to provide you with the ultimate Kiosk hacking experience.

Paul Craig: My name is Paul Craig, I work as the lead forensic incident responder at Security-Assessment.com and I work with many New Zealand companies who have been compromised. From small websites to large corporations and government agencies, our nation is regularly being defaced and defrauded. IT Forensics is here to pick up the pieces, and it’s my job to spend long nights trying to provide answers to businesses regarding what really happened.