10 Things Yore Doing Wrong With Siem presented at SOURCE Barcelona 2010

by Wim Remes (Ernst & Young ),

Tags: Security Infrastructure Others Business

URL : http://www.sourceconference.com/barcelona/speakers_2010.asp

Summary : As a consumer of information security products you have probably acquired one SIEM product or the other (please consult the latest Magic Quadrant to know if you bought the right stuff). Either because you were pushed to do so by regulatory requirements (internal or external) or because somebody very smart came up with the idea to do so. If this has happened, the odds are that you are getting far from the return you expected from that solution. This is not because the product doesn't work, but in most cases because it's not the right product, it is not watching the right stuff or you forgot the people factor. According to many, in 2010 SIEM is dead. It isn't. There are 10 things we've been doing very wrong with SIEM. After this presentation, you'll be enabled to right what was wrong and finally enjoy your SIEM to the fullest.

Wim Remes: Wim Remes is an information security consultant working for Ernst and Young in Belgium with a particular interest in intrusion detection, attack prevention and security monitoring