Open Source Vulnerability Database presented at SyScan 2004

by Jake Kouns,

Tags: Security Others Community

Summary : The Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB), a project to catalog and describe the
Internet's security vulnerabilities, opened for public use on 31 March 2004. The OSVDB
project was launched in 2002 following a realization in the security community that no
independent, community-operated vulnerability database existed. There were, and still are,
numerous vulnerability databases. Some of these databases are managed by private interests
to meet their own requirements, while others contain a limited subset of vulnerabilities or have
significant restrictions on their content.
None are simultaneously comprehensive, open for free use, and answerable to the community.This talk will focus on the successes of the project to date as well as many new developments
that are underway, including the ability to provide active integration to help improve and analyze
open source security tools.