Storage Security: Security Threats And Best Practices For Fibre Channel Sans presented at SyScan 2004

by Himanshu Dwivedi,

Tags: Security

Summary : The presentation will be a formal knowledge transfer session to discuss
tactical methods and high-level strategies to adequately secure storage
infrastructures.The presentation will begin with a discussion on the several security
issues associated with Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs). The
session will highlight specific issues and flaws associated with storage
and how attacks may expose critical vulnerabilities. The session will then
progress to a discussion on the tactical methods and strategies to mitigate
identified security problems.The presentation will cover three to five security topics and specifically
discuss a tactical solution for each of them. The standard and best practices
discussed in the session will focus on authentication/authorization, segmentation,
device configuration (lockdown), auditing/logging, and encryption. Each topic
will be discussed along with a tactical security solution to fully describe
the defensive measures that can protect against storage attacks.Lastly, the session will highlight the effects of default settings on networks
storage devices, such as SAN switches, which can negatively impact the security
osture on storage infrastructures.