Phreaking: Past, Present And Future presented at SyScan 2004

by Emmanuel Gadaix,

Tags: Security Media

Summary : Before hackers became a media fixture, there was a time when phreakers were all the rage and
abusing CCITT#5 phone switches was open to anybody with a blue box. As most Telcos upgraded
their equipment to support the new, out-of-band, digital SS7 signaling protocol, blue boxing
was slowly but surely phased out. Phreakers went legit or quiet. The Internet and its lot of
script kiddies became the center of interest.Is phreaking dead? We beg to differ!This presentation will focus on advanced phreaking techniques for the 21st century warrior.
After a short presentation of current digital telecommunications network (with a focus on
GSM/GPRS/EDGE and CDMA/3G) we will study how each element can be compromised for fun and
profit. Nothing will be left untouched: