Speaking Freely: The Security And Privacy Challenges Of Modern Communications presented at SyScan 2005

by The Grugq,

Tags: Security Privacy

Summary : "The telecommunications landscape is undergoing multiple revolutions, from analog to digital,
from simple mobility to complex roaming, from TDM to VoIP, from centralized to distributed, from
proprietary systems to open standards and more importantly, from a closed environment to an
increasingly interconnected world. Those changes are creating new security challenges, and the
battle between privacy advocates and law enforcement is far from being over. As legal interception
techniques become more ubiquitous, solutions to counter them such as cryptography and distributed
non-standard protocols, are increasing in popularity. Similarly, hacking techniques and countermeasures
for the new communications protocols such as VoIP, 3G/4G, IMS, WiMAX and others, are gaining in
complexity and are becoming a growing concerns for authorities, operators and subscribers alike."