Demystifying Wireless Security presented at SyScan 2009

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Summary : Wireless security has been questioned a lot in the past few months, with multiple,
somehow contradictory claims that WPA was broken. As a consequence, it is less and
less clear if Wi-Fi can be secured or not, and if yes, how.This workshop will give you a very clear picture of wireless security actual state,
comprehensively describing Wi-Fi security mechanisms, as well as limitations, known
attacks impacts and mitigation, challenging some claims that have been made. At the
end, you will have a clear picture on the efficiency of the available Wi-Fi security
feature and the best way to deploy them within your environment.Wi-Fi security, WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11i, PSK, 802.1x, EAP, TKIP, CCMP, WEP cracking, PSK brute-forcing, TKIP flaw