The Other Side Of Information Security presented at Blackhat Europe 2001

by Wilco Van Ginkel,

Tags: Security Keynote Business

Summary : Until now, the focus of Information Security within organisations was mainly technical. Organisations are becoming more and more aware of the fact that this technical side – although very important – is just one part of the total security solution. Currently, organisations are increasingly changing their focus to the organisational side of Information Security because:
The other part of the total security solution is missing.
Information Security is treated more and more as just another business need in the overall business process of an organisation. This means that Information Security should start from the organisational side.
In order to control the organisational issues of Information Security, a business approach is needed. Such an approach will be the subject of this keynote and will give the audience an overview, ideas, references, hints & tips of this organisational side. Items to be discussed are:
Business Assessment
Risk Analysis
Security Policies & Procedures
Security Standards
Security Awareness
Where Organisational meets Technical