Routing And Tunneling Protocol Attacks presented at Blackhat Europe 2001

by Felix ( FX ) Lindner (Recurity Labs),

Tags: Security Routing

Summary : The functionality and security of TCP/IP networks depends on the layer 2 and 3 traffic flow information. Attacks against these layers will immediately affect the operation of your network and the security of your servers.
Working hand in hand with Nicolas and Sébastien, this speech will provide you with the possible attack scenarios, layer 2 attacks (alias "interception"), router discovery and how an attacker can influence the flow of information in your network using a variety of routing protocols. Another key point is the impact of these attacks in your every day's business and why you should include communication layers into your security considerations.
The finale will explain attacks against several tunneling mechanisms used for large corporate networks and how things like GRE, IPIP and others can enable intruders to attack your supposedly protected systems in RFC1918 networks. Also, the issues surrounding IPv6 islands will be discussed.
FX of Phenoelit is the leader of the german Phenoelit group. His and the groups primary interests are in security implementations and implications of standards or less-known protocols. FX works as a Security Solution Consultant at n.runs GmbH