Kernel Level Vulnerabilities Exploitation: Behind The Scenes Of The 5Th Argus Hacking Contest presented at Blackhat Europe 2001

by LSD ,

Tags: Security Exploitation Analysis

Summary : During a presentation a general discussion of the kernel level security vulnerabilities and their exploitation techniques will be shown. Specifically, x86 operating systems LDT bug will be presented along with another yet-unpublished kernel level security vulnerability. Next, a brief reconstruction of the events which lead us to the winning of the 5th Argus Hacking Contest will be given. It will include brief discussion of the contest's rules, explanation of uselessness of the standard user mode vulnerabilities and finally the technique that had to be applied in order to adopt the LDT bug to hack Argus Pitbull Foundation B1 operating system.
Along with the presentation, an accompanying technical document will be provided, containing more detailed discussion concerning presented material. It will include ready to use sample codes for exploiting discussed kernel level vulnerabilities along with the Argus Pitbull exploit code used during the hacking contest.
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The group consists of four members, all graduates (M.Sc.) of Computer Science from the Poznan University of Technology. For the last six years they have been working as Security Team at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. As the LSD Research Team, they have also discovered several vulnerabilities for commercial systems and provided proof of concept codes for many others. More information including samples of their work can be found at the LSD website.