Designing Useful Privacy Applications presented at Blackhat Europe 2003

by Len Sassaman (MIxmaster),

Tags: Security Privacy

Summary : During the past decade, the field of privacy enhancing technology has overcome many obstacles: from interference on behalf of numerous governments, to technological hurdles and deployment challenges.
We have entered the 21st Century with many of these challenges eliminated, but widespread use of privacy enhancing technology has yet to occur.
This talk will explain the reasons for this failure in user adoption of privacy technology, and will scrutinize several key areas that designers of PET systems have failed to address, including common protocol design mistakes, user interaction problems, and incorrect threat model assessments.
Len Sassaman is a communication security consultant specializing in Internet privacy and anonymity technologies. Len has been a strong defender of personal rights through technology. As a volunteer, he has lent his expertise to human rights organizations, victim support groups, and civil liberties organizations.
Len is an anonymous remailer operator, and is currently project manager for Mixmaster, the most advanced remailer software available. Previously, he was a software engineer for PGP Security, the provider of the world's best known personal cryptography software. A returning Black Hat speaker, Len is also a frequent contributor to online discussions of electronic privacy issues, and has contributed to the development of free software privacy utilities.