Electronic Voting In The United States: An Update presented at 14th USENIX Security Symposium 2005

by Aviel D. Rubin,

Tags: Security Analysis

Summary : In July 2003, my research team published an analysis of Diebold's Accuvote TS and TSX voting machines, which were used in public elections all over the United States. We found serious security flaws in the machines, and a general lack of understanding of software and computer systems. Since then, the debate around electronic voting has intensified. In the two years since we published that report, I have become very involved in the issue at a national and local level, going so far as to become an election judge in Baltimore County. Maryland is one of the battleground states with respect to e-voting. In this talk, I will review the security issues around e-voting and voting procedures and will provide an update on where things stand in my state and at the federal level.