Security Vulnerabilities, Exploits, And Attack Patterns: 15 Years Of Art, Pseudo-Science, Fun, And Profit presented at 15th USENIX Security Symposium 2006

by Iván Arce,

Tags: Security Development

Summary : The emergence and widespread adoption of home computers in the '80s helped raise a generation of young technologists that thrived on the search for security bugs, development of exploit code, and devising convoluted attack patterns. Self-perceived as a group of modern libertarians, techno-artists, half-baked scientists, information age vandals, and savvy businessmen, this generation has often led the development of technologies and techniques that give shape to the modern information security industry. Viruses, software cracks, shellcodes, exploits, mass-rooters, worms, rootkits, and their corresponding defensive counterparts are artifacts of an attacking mindset in search of punishment (x)or legitimacy.
This talk will plunge into the depths of landmark attack technologies developed during the past 15 years and analyze them in the context of current and future information security trends.
Bring extra batteries for the rant-o-meter.