Information Security: Beyond The Hype presented at Blackhat USA 1998

by Ira Winkler,

Tags: Security Media

Summary : If you read the headlines today, you would think that no matter what people are doing to secure themselves, they will never be secure. The reason that the concept comes across is that the media focuses on the Threats and stories about unstoppable geniuses that can compromise even the Pentagon. The truth is that you can protect yourself from even the most diabolical genius. This presentation discusses Information Security from a Risk based perspective. The threats to your systems are discussed, but more important the vulnerabilities that actually allow the threats to compromise your systems are discussed. Using that information, you can then choose the countermeasures you need to protect yourself and your organization. This presentation will show you that while there is no such thing as perfect security, you can protect yourself from almost all of the most serious threats. Probably what is most valuable to attendees is guidance on how to spend limited funding in the most efficient manner.