Total Bs Security: Business-Based Systems Security. presented at Blackhat USA 1999

by Jim Litchko,

Tags: Security Business

Summary : Selecting your systems security solutions can be two of the most frustrating problem for security professionals and management. Jim will provide the audience with a different way to approach the problem of selecting the appropriate security solution. He will show how to base your security solutions on your business requirements first and security requirements second. Using real-world case studies and life-lesson concepts (i.e., ãPROFIT?lossä, ãSecure Brick Theoryä, ãSailor-Proofä, and ãSNABä), he will demonstrate ways to determine what the most practical security solution is and sell them to management and customers. Jim's examples include solutions for financial, presidential, military, gaming and electronic commerce operations. This presentation is for those frustrated systems security professionals and managers.