Is Phreaking Dead? We Beg To Differ! presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2004

by Emmanuel Gadaix,

Tags: Security Infrastructure

Summary : This presentation will focus on advanced phreaking techniques for the 21st century warrior. After a short presentation of current digital telecommunications network (with a focus on GSM/GPRS/EDGE and CDMA/3G) we will study how each element can be compromised for fun and profit. Nothing will be left untouched:
. Core Switching
. Radio Networks
. GPRS infrastructure
. 3G data
. Messaging (SMS, MMS, voicemail, USSD)
. Roaming, subscriber management platforms
. Fraud management
. Customer care systems
. Billing systems
. Mediation systems
. WAP servers
. Intelligent Network services (e.g. prepaid, VPN, conditional forwarding and screening etc.)
. Legal interception gateway
. Signaling devices
. Content aggregators
. Network Management Systems
We will also partially unveil the phreakers holy grail: Abusing out-of-band signaling by compromising SS7 nodes.