Attacks And Counter Measures In 2.5G And 3G Cellular Ip Networks presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2004

by Ollie Whitehouse,

Tags: Security

Summary : This presentation will cover and in addition carry on from the paper published in March 2004 of the same name by @Stake Security: .2.5G and 3.0G cellular technologies are here to stay.. This whitepaper assesses the issues still facing the industry since the GPRS Wireless Security: Not Ready for Primetime paper was published in June 2002. GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) is now widely deployed in a majority of 2.5G and 3.0G cellular networks, and this paper reviews some of the potential attacks against the GTP protocol and the possible effects this will have on cellular providers. It also reviews some of the architectural alternatives that providers can consider. This paper will discuss several new as yet unpublished and undisclosed vulnerabilities in 3G equipment.