Black Hat Bloc Or How I Stopped Worrying About Corporations And Learned To Love The Hacker Class War presented at H2K2 2002

by Gweeds ,

Tags: Security Media Business

Summary : Hackers must deal with governments and ultimately the corporations that wield most of the decision making power within them. Looking over the past few decades of hacker interaction with corporations, we notice some interesting trends in the two worlds that indicate strong influences of the corporate and hacker worlds on the other's ethics and culture, often only hinted at to the rest of the world via biased corporate PR machines in the form of broadcast and publishing media. Hacker posts to Bugtraq become resumes, hacker tech like BBSes and IRC become the technical implementations of every Internet startup's business plan, hackers testify in front of Congress to warn them of impending doom directly resulting in increased federal cybercrime funding, while piracy is accepted by governments and media (but not the public) as theft. Has hacking become the fast venture capitalist track to shiny gadgets that go fast and make noise, a la Slashdot? Should we ignore intellectual property legislation and treaties that are passed solely to make rich people richer? This talk takes a look at where hacker/corporate/government relationships have been, where they are now, and where they could be going - hopefully shedding some light on everyone's motivations along the way.