Cult Of The Dead Cow Hactivism Panel presented at The Fifth HOPE 2004

by Eric Grimm, Sharon Hom, Dr. James Mulvenon, Oxblood Ruffin, Nart Villeneuve,

Tags: Security Panel

Summary : Over 40 years ago Marshall McLuhan declared that the Third World War would be an information war in which civilians and the military wouldn't be particularly distinguished. That vision has become a reality. Governments from China to Zimbabwe have strangled access to information critical of their regimes, often with the aid of American companies. And as quickly, resistance has sprung up to challenge that repression. Areas of opportunity are beginning to emerge as hackers, human rights activists, and the academic community begin to join forces. This panel will explore the phenomenon of state-sponsored censorship and grassroots resistance from the political, legal, technological, and human rights perspectives.