Hacking National Intelligence: Power To The People presented at The Fifth HOPE 2004

by Robert Steele,

Tags: Security

Summary : Do you want to live in a nation where decision makers lie, cheat, and steal? Where national intelligence is so secret that you are not allowed to know a) the truth, b) that national intelligence (spies) are ignorant about the real world, and c) that what policy makers tell the people (e.g. about reasons to go to war in Iraq) has nothing to do with reality? Imagine instead an America in which public intelligence supersedes secret intelligence and elitist corruption is displaced by an informed democracy in which consensus conferences at every level assure that "We the People" all serve the public interest. That is "The OSINT Story." Come hear the story and discuss how we are going to run the world as we achieve open spectrum, open source software, and open source intelligence.