Security, Liberties, And Trade-Offs In The War On Terrorism presented at The Fifth HOPE 2004

by Bruce Schneier (BT Counterpane),

Tags: Security

Summary : Since 9/11, we have the Patriot Act, tighter screening at airports, a proposed national ID card system, a color-coded national alert system, irradiated mail, and a Department of Homeland Security. But do all of these things really make usany less vulnerable to another terrorist attack? Security expert Bruce Schneier evaluates the systems that we have in place post-9/11, revealing which of them actually work and which ones are simply "security theater." Learn why most security measures don't work and never will, why bad security is worse than noneat all, and why strong security means learning how to fail well. Most of all, learn how you can take charge of your own security - personal, family, corporate, and national.

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