A Convergence Of Communities presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by John Strauchs,

Tags: Security Analysis

Summary : Most people in either industry already know something about the relatively recent convergence of computer technology (CT) and physical security. But they probably arenít aware that computer professionals are increasingly assuming a leadership role in the process, as well as the management of the process. Moreover, the physical security and computer technology (CT) and information technology (IT) communities have traditionally been at odds. Computer professionals donít know as much about physical security electronic systems and devices as they think they do. Conversely, physical security senior managers know virtually nothing about CT and some donít want to! This session will examine the convergence phenomenon from both perspectives. It will review what is occurring, how it is happening, and what effects it has on both security and CT/IT. The effects upon, and from, the Department of Homeland Security will be discussed. The session will conclude with an in-depth analysis of Homeland Securityís shortcomings and unmet needs and the role of CT/IT in protecting the nation. The critical need to triage security resources will be examined, along with a look at how it should be done, as well as an attempt to understand why it isnít already happening.