Hacking The Mind, Hacking The Body: Pleasure presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by C4bl3fl4m3 ,

Tags: Security

Summary : (Part I), (Part II)
(Part I), (Part II)
A continuation of the infamous ìhacking Sexî third track presentation from HOPE Number Six. This will be a talk about sexuality, pleasure, and our bodies from a hacker's point of view covering such diverse methods as hypnosis, BDSM, role play, sex toys, and body modification. C4bl3FL4m3 will share her in depth (and sometimes hands-on) knowledge in increasing the pleasure felt by ourselves and our partners. With brand new material as well as tried-and-true secrets, this presentation is perfect for all genders and orientations. Topics covered will include erotic hypnosis, sex toys and their usage, BDSM, body modifications, meditation and other sexual/spiritual forms of mind altering, sexual role play, sexual techniques, cybersexuality, tele and technodildonics.