Hacking The Young Lady'S Illustrated Primer: Dispatches From The Field Of Educational Technology presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by Ivan Krstic, Gillian "Gus" Andrews,

Tags: Security Panel

Summary : The takeaway message of this panel will be that the critical element in teaching with technology is people - and that hackers need to consider what this means. The talk will encourage the audience to consider the best ways to tackle the horrendous failures of current technology education. Topics to be covered: Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age/Young Lady's Illustrated Primer and whether it can be achieved; the one laptop per child project and the difficulties it currently faces; hair-raising experiences writing an A+ certification curriculum; whether the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is real; responses from seventh-graders (or Why Johnny Can't Read on the Internet); and Richard Feynman already taught us everything we needed to know about education - why aren't we listening?