The New York City Taxi System: Privacy Vs. Utility presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by Nick Leghorn,

Tags: Security Privacy

Summary : When people think of New York City, three icons come to mind: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the classic yellow taxi cab. However, even the most seasoned New Yorker barely understands the complicated system that transports over 241 million passengers every year, includes more than 40,000 vehicles, and generates in excess of $2 billion every year. During this presentation you will learn about the New York City taxi system and how the new technologies (such as GPS tracking, credit card transactions, SMS messaging, and touch screen kiosks in the car) are being implemented, including the privacy and security concerns that surround them. Youíll also take a peek at some of the proposed changes that will make the New York City taxi system more accessible and more efficient.