Packing And The Friendly Skies - Why Transporting Firearms May Be The Best Way To Safeguard Your Tech When You Fly presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by Deviant Ollam,

Tags: Security

Summary : After a particularly horrible episode of airport theft, Deviant made the decision to never again travel by air with unlocked luggage. Because of this he now flies with firearms all the time. Federal law allows (in fact, it requires) passengers to lock firearm-bearing luggage with non-TSA-approved padlocks and does not permit any airport staffer to open such bags once they have left the owner's possession. In this talk, you will learn the relevant laws and policies concerning travel with weapons. It's easier than you think, often adds little to no extra time to your schedule (indeed, it can expedite the check-in process sometimes), and may actually be the best way to prevent tampering and theft of bags during air travel.