Starting Your Own Con For Fun And No Profit: A How-To presented at The Last HOPE 2008

by Paul "Froggy" Schneider, Jodie "Tyger" Schneider,

Tags: Security

Summary : One of the core values of the hacker scene is the concept of DIY. If you donít like something, whatever it is, get busy, do it yourself, and do it better! In this presentation there will be a discussion of the experiences in starting Notacon in Cleveland from the ground up with little to no experience. A look at some of the problems and pitfalls encountered, as well as some of the things Jodie and Paul did to save themselves tons of headaches. Along the way they will touch on the concepts of taxes, law, organization, human nature, and even some of the stupid shit people have done at previous events. This will be a discussion about whatís possible in the future at other events and an inspiration for those who have an idea to throw a con to just go ahead and do so!