Attacking The Ipv6 Protocol Suite presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006

by Van ( vanHauser ) Hauser,

Tags: Security IPv6

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentation Details:IPv6 is arriving slowly in Europe, but an important topic in Japan and South Korea, as IPv4 addresses are scarce. IPv6 will change the issues of security and hacking by a large degree. This speech will give a short introduction on the protocol differences, then show the vulnerabilities in the protocols and finally present the THC-IPV6 Attack Toolkit which includes the tools for all vulnerabilities shown, as well as a very easy packet crafting library.About Van HauserIn 1995, van Hauser founded the longest living hacking group which is still highly active today: The Hacker’s Choice ( In his long history of greyhat activities, Van Hauser has created some well loved tools like THC-Scan, hydra & amap (also part of Nessus), secure_delete, parasite and many more; He has also written numerous research papers including “Placing Backdoors through Firewalls”, “How to cover your tracks” and “Anonymizing Unix Systems”. He has presented at various international network security conferences.