Naips/Aaips - A New Approach To Protecting Your Data presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006

by Fabrice Marie,

Tags: Security Web

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Intrusion detection systems have existed for the last 20 years, and trends have shifted from using HIDS to using NIDS. Unfortunately Host Intrusion Detection Systems can only see symptoms of intrusions on a single host or set of hosts if distributed, and Network Intrusion Detection Systems can only see symptoms of intrusions on network segments. Intrusion Prevention Systems are inline IDSes that attempt to prevent an attack IF and only IF it was detected in the first place.Unfortunately today’s attacks target web applications and there is very little a NIDS or HIDS would catch of these, because they examine lower level protocols and symptoms. Among others, we will examine what would and what would not get caught with todayxe2u20acu2122s IPSes. Moving forward, this presentation will propose a new approach to protecting your data from attackers: Application Intrusion Prevention Systems.We will introduce important new concepts of Network based Application Intrusion Prevention Systems (NAIPS) and Application based Application Intrusion Prevention Systems (AAIPS), counterparts and complements respectively of HIPS, and NIPS. We will look at existing technologies that can be used towards our goal, and put forward a few concrete and effective methods that could be used to perform the application intrusion prevention. Finally we will look at the advantages and limitation of each methodHopefully, this presentation will pave the way to a new generation of Intrusion Prevention Systems.About Fabrice MarieFabrice Marie is a senior security consultant working for FMA-RMS, a small dedicated security firm based in Singapore with offices in Kuala Lumpur. Developer by trade for many years, he has been involved in the information security fields for over 7 years. His interests are in cryptography, trusted operating systems, secure programming, open source and firewalling techniques. For the last three years he has been breaking mostly bank and telco web applications in the region, as well as performing penetration tests for them.